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Interview with Thanos Petrelis 

( Interviewed by Jeny Siornanoulakis : As published in the Gnome Greek Newspaper - February 2020 ) 

I called Thanos Petrelis via Facebook messenger audio call, and I totally pulled a greek maneuver. I did an “anapantidi klisi” on him… LOL. And in proper greek fashion he called me back, he had been driving and pulled over to the side of the road and asked me if it would be a long interview.


Obviously, I lied, and said it would be just a short one, little did he know the plethora of questions I had been concocting. He was patient and kind and wasn’t rushing met at all. I had a good long chat with him where I would lost focus of time. He was funny, professional, laughed at a few of my questions and our interview strayed at times, going off tangents, discussing local sight seeing he may want to consider, which soccer team he supports, and how Greece very much needs to be push tourism as a place to be visited during all four seasons and all regions. I sort of felt, like I was meeting a new friend and just chatting about anything and everything.


For the record, I have seen Petrelis live twice. Once in Athens perhaps either 2004 or 2006, and here in Vancouver. Myself being a major supporter of ...